QRS Generation 1 Single-Use Disposable Face Shield

Product Highlights:
QRS Generation 1 Single-Use Face Shield 

  • The QRS Generation 1 Single-Use Disposable Face Shield offers full facial protection from spray and splatter
  • QRS Generation 1 is a single-use, fully disposable face shield.
  • QRS Generation 1 Face Shield provides clearance for glasses and respirator to be worn beneath face shield
  • Protective face shield is made of a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) ClearShield™ used in packaging for food, beverages, detergents and products for home and personal care ensuring the fluid-resistance of the shield

Production Description:
QRS Generation 1 Face Shield 

  • PET clear shield 13” long x 9” Wide
  • Latex-free strap
  • One size fits all
  • Foam forehead 1.375”x 1.125” x 9” for comfort
Item Number Description
QRS-GEN1 Single-Use Face Shield 13″ X 9″ with foam pad and latex-free strap