Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare and other Essential Workers

Compelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) available for our frontline healthcare and other essential workers Spartek, Inc. is proud to introduce the QRS – Quick Response Face Shield. By using what we do best; design, ingenuity, and quality production, we have helped to give our essential works the peace of mind to continue to do what they do best, keeping us all safe.

Our QRS Full Face Shields help to protect our healthcare workers’ faces from spray, splatter and droplets. These full face shields not only protect the healthcare workers’ eyes but may also prolong the useful length of time a surgical or N95 mask can be used.

Medical Face Shields

Our QRS Generation 1 and QRS Generation 2 medical face shields provide:

  • Full facial protection with a 13” long x 9” wide distortion-free wrap from ear-to-ear
  • Protective face shield is made of a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) ClearShield™ used in packaging for food, beverages, detergents and products for home and personal care ensuring the fluid-resistance of the shield
  • Available as single use (Generation 1) or semi-disposable strap and frame (Generation 2)
  • Face shields provide a protective barrier with plenty of clearance for glasses and respirators to be worn beneath and adequate air flow
  • QRS Face Shields are latex-free


QRS Face Shield Generation 1

QRS Generation 1 Medical Face Shield Benefits 

  • Single-use, disposable Full Face protection
  • Protects face from ear-to-ear with plenty of clearance for eye glasses and respirator masks.
  • Latex-free strap
  • PET ClearShield 13” long x 9” wide
  • One size fits all
  • Foam forehead 1.375”x 1.125” x 9” for comfort 





QRS Face Shield Generation 2QRS Generation 2 Medical Face Shield Benefits 

  • Semi-disposable Full Face protection with quickly replaceable clear shields 
  • Strap and frame can be disinfected for reuse with new shields
  • Protects face from ear-to-ear with plenty of clearance for eye glasses and respirator masks.
  • Adjustable Latex-free strap and frame made from FDA approved materials 
  • PET ClearShield 13” long x 9” wide provides full face protective barrier
  • One size fits all
  • QRS Generation 2 Face Shield kit includes: 
    • One Frame
    • One Latex-free adjustable strap
    • One disposable clear shield