Inline Vacuum MetallizerAt Spartek, Inc., our 50+ year history in the field of vacuum plating and metallizing has allowed us to grow into a trusted industry leader.  Our success as a manufacturer is based on a culture of quality and a continual investment in developing the newest technologies and manufacturing processes. We are proud to introduce our Inline Vacuum Metallizers and Coating Lines, featuring industry leading PVD sputtering technology.  This system represents the cutting edge of inline metallization, and has the capability to produce millions of parts annually without any manual handling from start to finish.  It utilizes a process that is inherently efficient, creating minimal scrap rates that far exceed traditional vacuum metallizing processes. This allows our Inline Vacuum Metallizers and Coating Lines to deliver superior cost reductions while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The Inline Metallization and Coating Lines are engineered for efficiency, producing the highest quality results with the lowest part cost of any metallization system in the industry. They are equipped with continuous quality monitoring without the need for manual handling of parts. With traditional metallizing processes, maintaining consistent quality can be problematic. This is always the risk of losing a high percentage of parts or entire batches due to the various process deficiencies of standard systems. The inline Metallization and Coating Lines eliminate the risks through advance process technology and with the immediate and automated inspection of every part in process. This assures 100% quality with no additional labor costs or process delays.

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