Vacuum Plating & Metallizing

Vacuum Plating & MetallizingAt Spartek, Inc., we have a strong, 50+ year history in the field of vacuum plating and metallization. Over the years we have continually invested in the newest equipment and technologies and refined our processes to produce superior quality finishes. We are a leading authority in the application of tints and colors to vacuum plating, and we have the capacity to handle complex part geometries efficiently and affordably.

Our vacuum plating and metallizing process involves enhancing part appearance, durability, and functionality by evaporating a metal material under vacuum and then condensing it on the component surfaces. We have the ability to apply aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, and brass coatings on non-metal substrates, such as ABS, PET, HDPE, and PP. Our process involves using three separate layers, a base coat, metal evaporated aluminum, and top coat that are decorative and protective. With our state-of-the-art process controls, we produce consistently uniform layers with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

Inside our facility, we have six vacuum chambers and five hand spray booths. With our operational flexibility, we can manage small specialty orders as well as mass processing of up to 25 million units. We maintain tight control over quality at all stages of production to ensure consistent results that meet the highest standards of excellence. Our customer service team is knowledgeable, responsive, and committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. For more information about our vacuum plating and metallizing capabilities or a quote, contact us directly.

Technical Specifications

General Capabilities Custom
Vacuum Plating Material Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Substrate-Non-Metals ABS
Processes Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
Equipment Stokes Metalizers
Flow Coat
UV Line
(3) Chain On Edge Thermal Cure Spray Lines
(2) Hand Spray Booths
Production Volume Max: 25 Million Closures
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
High Volume
Typical Lead Times Available Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industries Focus Cosmetic Closures
Cosmetic Displays
LED Reflectors
POP Displays
Lighting Fixtures
Consumer Products
File Formats AutoCAD (DWG,DWZ)
Bit Mapped Graphics
Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI File Format
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Portable Document Format
Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data